Dr. Loges Story

Dr. Loges Story

Dr. Loges International

The explorer gene

Werner Loges was practically born with the interest in nature and herbal medicine. From an early childhood - inspired by a book about herbs, which his grandmother gave him for Christmas - he passionately collected, dried, and archived plants and plant parts. This fascination roused his desire early on to study pharmacy. In the early 1950s, Werner Loges reads a scientific article about the traditional Asian medicinal plant Rauwolfia serpentina in his small student room in Hamburg. The author impressively describes the calming effect of the “Indian snake root”, which is largely unknown in Europe, and its use in traditional medicine. Enthused by this article, Werner Loges decides to make this mystical plant the topic of his doctoral thesis.

The fateful decision

Werner Loges is in his late 20s when he starts following the trail of the scientific article’s author. A scholar from Pakistan is said to have sent him a letter. Yet, just packing a suitcase and leave - it's not that easy these days. Rauwolfia serpentina only grows on the Asian continent in northern India, more specifically, in the border region between India and Pakistan. Young Werner has only modest financial resources. In order to be able to travel at all, he must first take out a small loan. But he has no doubts about his plan. This is seen differently by his family and friends since it's only recently that there has been a fragile peace between India and Pakistan. At the heart of the conflict between Hindus and Muslims: The Kashmir region, the home of the very medicinal plant that Loges is so fond of and whose effects he so urgently wants to investigate. But his plan is set. Because nothing can stop a passionate explorer.

The path and the goal

After a long and arduous journey — by boat, train, and even by hitchhiking — the pharmacy doctoral student Werner Loges finally reaches his destination: the Kashmir region at the foot of the Himalayas. The author of the article lives and works as a teacher in a small village in the high altitudes of the gigantic mountain massif, where Werner Loges manages to track him down. The doctoral student is impressed by the man’s knowledge that goes far beyond the scientific article - for example about the importance of the native snake root in traditional Indian medicine. He succeeds in winning his new friend over for another expedition. After a difficult ascent, it's done: on a barren mountain slope, Werner Loges digs out his first Rauwolfia serpentina himself - under his mentor's examining eyes. Back in his accommodation, Werner Loges consumes flowers and leaves of the plant and falls into a deep, restful sleep. Always scientifically correct, he repeats the experiment several times and notes: The result is reproducible. The prospective doctor in pharmacy puts the remaining parts of the plant in wet wipes, stows them safely in his backpack and, after having spent a total of three months in South Asia, sets off on his way home to Hamburg.

The cornerstone

Some time later, in 1958, pharmacist Dr. Werner Loges developed the formula of his first drug from Rauwolfia serpentina, which he named dystoLoges. Together with a school friend, he founded the “Kausan Pharmaceuticals Dr. Loges+Co” and laid the foundation for a until to date unique range of innovative health products from all over the world. 

Dr. Loges today / The Present


Today, Dr. Loges is a family-owned business, now in the second generation with solid organic growth from a unique portfolio of more than 75 products covering a wealth of health topics and life stages, which we are constantly working on to develop further. By doing so, the pioneer spirit and innovative power of Dr. Werner Loges live on and are our motivation to discover naturopathy anew, day by day.


Gregor Loges

Thinking naturopathy further

We all know how important time is to make our lives fulfilling at every stage. As a family, on the job, with friends. For this, it is necessary to really feel health. By feeling healthy, we understand the sensation that makes us forget time — and not just the absence of pain, symptoms and problems. How plants protect themselves from illness and adapt to adverse circumstances, how bees find food or communicate – Nature teaches us that it is its inner strength that allows more time for life.

Our goal is to harness this power for humans. We are curious people - pharmaceutical, medical, technology and communication experts - who seek inspiration outside the box and push each other forward. We are systematically and open-mindedly looking for new ingredients and unknown prevention and healing methods all over the world using pharmaceutical creativity to develop innovative products based on natural ingredients.


This is what we mean by thinking naturopathy further and this defines us as a company and is the reason why until today, all our preparations carry the Loges name.

Mission / Vision


We discover potential in nature and think it forward with passion in the spirit of our unique biologics. As a result, we are constantly developing innovative and reliable health products with natural ingredients.


In the future, health-related solutions based on natural ingredients will be available for all requirements of modern people.

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*Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system in children

**Iron contributes to normal cognitive function